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Don Bendell

Don Bendell

A best-selling western author, former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer and disabled Vietnam veteran, Don Bendell is also very well-known in the SpecOps community and popular for his military thrillers, too. A widely-read and controversial editorialist, he has appeared on Fox News and many national radio shows, newspapers, and blogs. Don is noted for his wild sense of humor and blunt honesty, and has often been called a "John Wayne-type" by detractors.

Don is a Grandmaster Instructor in 4 different martial arts and black sash instructor in Muay Thai kickboxing. He and his Master Instructor late wife Shirley, were the only couple to both be inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame.


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Don Bendell is one of those writers who has been there and back, and who writes with total authority about the world he knows best. Genuine, basic, honest writing that makes a good read and is accessible and fun.

Asa Baber, Military editor, Playboy magazine



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